Primus Carnuntum © Rubin Carnuntum Weingüter

Primus Carnuntum

In 1987, members of the League of Carnuntum Winegrowers bottled their first collaborative effort, a white ‘primeur’ wine, distinguished for its freshness and elegant fruit flavours.

Up to that point there had been no consolidation of material toward vinification of a ‘primeur’ wine of this type made by multiple growers anywhere in Austria. In the early days of Primus Carnuntum, every producer delivered their grapes to Weingut Pitnauer, where they were fermented into wine and bottled. Since 1994 producers can choose the alternative of making the wine themselves; this is the means preferred by the majority of the association’s current fifty members.

To be ‘the first’ is for winegrowers not a question of harvest date, but rather one of physiologic ripeness. Primus Carnuntum is a white ‘Kabinett’ wine, produced predominantly from regionally typical Grüner Veltliner grapes, but blended with other varieties as well. Top quality is guaranteed by means of a strict control of yield amount and rigorous jury tasting. Thanks to the Grüner Veltliner, the Primus Carnuntum will retain its youthful vigour even beyond the next vintage if properly stored – this is an absolute rarity for a ‘primeur’ wine.

Since 2000, the group has placed a uniform label at the disposal of all growers, created by local Austrian artist Gottfried Laf Wurm. Each year at the beginning of November a wine-christening takes place, with prominent sponsors such as Franz Antel, Albert Fortell, and LH Dr. Erwin Pröll, among others.