The residents of Carnuntum are generally easygoing and well-grounded individuals – cautiously optimistic people who live in harmony with nature.

This region has always been border country. During the Roman occupation, the empire defended itself here against invaders from the north. During the wars against the Turks, Carnuntum provided the buffer zone that had to be crossed before Vienna could be besieged. After the Second World War, Carnuntum belonged to the Russian occupation zone, with the Iron Curtain falling right on its border during the second half of the 20th century. 

The frequent marching-through of hostile hordes – which laid waste to the region again and again over the course of centuries – ravaged the fields and threatened the citizens and stood in the way of Carnuntum’s potential development into a prosperous region for residents and commerce. 

But because of this the people here have become well aware that only by sticking together can they prevail against adversity – thus they have respect for one another and cooperate in every possible way.

This is also one of the most prominent qualities of the growers’ association Rubin Carnuntum Wine Producers, founded in 1992 and today comprised of some forty winegrower families, here listed from A to Z: