Carnuntinian viticulture in the present

In the 19th century viticulture was important for the region Carnuntum, and the regional capital Bruck an der Leitha was a prominent wine town. Up until 1850, most available sites on the Leitha Range, extending toward Jois in Burgenland, had been planted with grape vines. But at that point, the ‘Lagerberg’ became the site of the Imperial Army’s parade ground, and a rather large part of the area under vines fell victim to drilling the troops.

From World War II into the 1950s, wine production in Carnuntum was in a bad way. Sales were very slow. A growers’ cooperative was founded in Prellenkirchen in order to consolidate production. While with farming the advances in mechanisation led to increasingly more productive harvests, the labour-intensive nature of work in the vineyards coupled with the simultaneous drop in prices for wine led many growers to cease wine production.

While the Austrian wine scene underwent an enormous transformation in quality and image in the 1990s, things remained relatively quiet in Carnuntum. It wasn’t until the turn of the current century that the new red wine boom in Austria – around the year 2000 – caused people to take notice of the new pursuit of excellence that had taken hold in the hills around Göttlesbrunn, Arbesthal and Höflein. After spending a long time lying in the shadows of the more familiar wineproducing regions, Carnuntum went from being an ‘insider tip’ to become a radiant star. How did this happen? Reasons include the region’s sturdy and rugged soils, the climatic influence of Lake Neusiedl and the cool winds from the Danube – and most importantly the dynamic and highly motivated wine growers of the region, who learned how to work the region’s potential into reality.

The association of the Rubin Carnuntum Wine Producers was founded in the year 1992, and today the group has a membership of some forty estates. The Rubin Carnuntum growers are renowned for their outstanding wines – above all for the reds – and for their extraordinary solidarity with one another.