Carnuntum Experience: August 21st to September 6th 2015

Carnuntum Experience 2016

365 days Carnuntum Experience - because you can taste and enjoy so much in Carnuntum, the Carnuntum Experience is expanded all the year long.
A year full of enjoyment!

Carnuntum shows its loveliest sides in these presentations, some 70 of them: the cuisine, the viticulture, nature and culture are all presented in a personal and individual fashion. Broad expanses, fresh air and healing relaxation are the order of the day – along with lively villages that await you like islands of pleasure, with their exciting restaurants and delicious wines. The Carnuntum Experience invites you to discover, experience, breathe freely and enjoy!

07.10.2018 08:00

Wandertag Göttlesbrunn-Arbesthal © Rubin Carnuntum Weingüter

Weingärten - Felder - Wiesen - Wälder - AussichtStart: 8.00 - 11.00 Uhr beim Feuerwehrhaus GöttlesbrunnWandern, laufen oder walken Sie durch die Weingärten zwischen Göttlesbrunn und Arbesthal und laben Sie sich bei den beiden Labestellen.. read more

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