Lagen der Nation

Die DAC-Regeln lassen immer mehr Rebsorten als "gebietstypisch" zu. Riedenwein indes erweist sich als unverwechselbar.

"Erste Lagen" gibt es nun auch in Rot.

Discover Carnuntum

Carnuntum  © Sanfte Hügel - alte Böden und junge Ideen


The winegrowing district Carnuntum is a region located south of the Danube River in the state of Niederösterreich (Lower Austria), and extends eastward from near Vienna toward the Slovak border.


The residents of Carnuntum are generally easygoing and well-grounded individuals – cautiously optimistic people who live in harmony with nature.

Carnuntum im Aufbruch!  © Unser Bekenntnis zur Lage


At one time an insider secret, today an indispensable category on every serious wine list! For this Carnuntum thanks its ideal climate and soil conditions; above all, the red wines of Carnuntum have established themselves most successfully.